So two days with out rain and the fly wonders when the next real "water emergency"

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So two days with out rain and the fly wonders when the next real “water emergency” we’re going to have is when they complete the hook-up to United Water. Did you see the bottle of brown water in the Bergen Record the other day? Well that’s what we’re going to be getting out of our taps pretty soon. The Ridgewood Water should be selling bottled water as a very viable business; instead the Village is going to significantly downgrade our drinking/cooking water so that people can water their lawns! If you’ve forgotten what chlorinated surface water tastes like, be prepared, it’s nothing like what we’ve been used to in the last 100 years. Graydon water will taste better. Instead, require Valley Hospital to supply it’s own water. That would be a major part of the demand solution and also require homeowners to have moisture sensors installed. Stepping up enforcement of the existing odd/even restrictions would help too. You’d have to patrol between 10PM and 6AM to catch people though.

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  1. Maybe if THEY enforced the restrictions with the fines going to the water department to offset the cost of enforcment, then we wouldn’t have to have UW ( a French company )supply our water.
    I’ve noticed some people even water during the day when they are not allowed. Why can’t Midland Pk get water for Passaic Valley thru Hawthorne? Or Wyckoff from UW in Frankland Lakes? Ridgewood Water should supply Ridgewood.

  2. tempest in a teapot….pun intended.

  3. thats sounds good to me.the hell with the rest of them.and dont trust the fags from united water.that place sucks.i know so many workers and they tell me so many storys.and the water is like drinking from a pool.what s,.;’t.and I know I live in west wood.and the cost is up to.the hell with the other towns shut im down.thanks water boy,ps.dont forget h2,O.HA,HA,

  4. Check out the quality of water that Franklin Lakes is getting from United Water in today’s (6/1/07) Bergen Record.

  5. Franklin Lakes water comes from wells AND water from the Wanaque Res. NOT United’s treatment plant in Harworth.
    The water Ridgewood would get is from Harwoth. YUK

  6. 5:21 – It’s Haworth not Harworth, and it is still treated surface water provided by United Water. The same scenario we will be facing here soon. There hasn’t been any problems with the well water just the water provided by United Water, our soon to be partner with Ridgewood Water. And, who knows,maybe the Village Council will decide to sell Ridgewood Water. They are doing a whole assessment of it’s staffing and system layout. Something someone would do prior to a sale, eh?

  7. Oh Sure, Sell it to the French.
    That’s just what happened to Hackensack Water, OOPS United Water NJ.
    Perhaps Waldwick would be a good partner.
    Ridgewood Water belongs to Ridgewood and we should have a say to whom it gets sold IF it gets sold.
    Were does the money from the sale go? Police, Fire, Schools or in the general budget to be spent on big raises.

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