Today, Monday, May 28, 2007, is Memorial Day a reminder from ,"Your friendly Village Idiot"

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Today, Monday, May 28, 2007, is Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the one day each year that we honor and remember all of the Servicemen and Servicewomen who served in the Air Force, Army, Cost Guard, Marines, Navy and Special Forces who gave their lives for the defense of this Country and our Constitution.

Unfortunately, it’s a day that not many people care about, that is of course if you don’t count the Department and Electronics Stores sales. How many people attended the Memorial Service in Ridgewood today? For those of you that didn’t know, yes, there was a Memorial Service at 11:00 AM in town and the attendance was sparse at best. In contrast, the attendance at the Fred D’elia Run was quite good and a quick ride on Route 17 and Route 4 after the Memorial Service found most parking lots in the Malls quite busy and nearly full. What does this say about our citizens? Simply stated, it shows that most people really don’t appreciate or care about the sacrifice, which has been given by so many others, so that all of us can enjoy the freedoms we have. This could only be described as not very patriotic…. in my opinion.

Which brings me to this blog. Why is it that when there is something controversial or critical of the Village it is not only posted within minutes of the event but in many cases it is posted with pictures. However, when the Village Residents and the members of the Village Council do something noteworthy, such as attending a Memorial Service dedicated to the men and women who gave the supreme sacrifice, we have not a single photo of this service and not a mention of what this day is about on this blog! No mention is made on this blog about the Ridgewood High School student, Eagle Scout candidate, who for the last three years played taps at this service and the wonderful speech he made today. Also, no mention about the U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who has been overseas in various theaters of operations and his speech or the Ridgewood High School band which played various songs and did a terrific job.

I can not help but notice pjblogger62 that you stand in front of an American Flag in your blog photo, obviously to show your patriotism. I can’t help but wonder where you were today…..didn’t see you or any of the Hitmen for your Blog at this Memorial Service. Apparently this event wasn’t controversial enough for you or your blog. Or could it be that you didn’t feel that this would be worthwhile putting on the Ridgewood Blog because it isn’t something controversial, thereby NOT generating more “hits” for your Blog, which could possibly increase your Blog revenue? Being patriotic is more than standing in front of a flag.

Just my thoughts……

Your friendly Village Idiot

A Proud Patriotic U.S Army Veteran

  1. sorry comrade idiot but I hardly think that supporting the BOE teaching math with sock puppets is patriotic…

  2. I didn’t know wearing “PLAID” was such a controversy?

  3. Maybe if the “cultural elite” in this town would take a brief moment, put down the cell phone or iPod and realize that many brave men and women answered the call to protect freedom and our way of life in this country. Memorial Day shouldn’t be about rushing downtown to go buy something more expensive than your neighbor. It should be about remembering the fact that there are those we lost in the name of protecting our nation. But hey, why should that get in the way of a good sale?

  4. PJ just tell the truth the whole point of this blog is simple ,the mission is to piss off these arrogant a**holes who are wrecking our town and schools ,keep up the good work they are getting desperate and should I be the one to say you’re future father in law is a disabled Vietnam vet that saw 12 months of real 24/7 combat(not like john f-ing Kerry),that you and you’re girl regularly visit down in Lakewood? Know I wont because that would be as cheap as the “your not patriotic enough attacks…oh brother

  5. I thought the mission of this blog was to tell the people that are full of crap that they are full of crap…

  6. so idiot does what you say about PJ go for all the bums on the BOE ?
    where were they ?

  7. I hope PJ is getting rich off the blog, why should the clowns at the BOE and village hall make .ah ..take all the money

  8. the malls were full because all the stores in Ridgewood were closed…

  9. I go to the beach not the mall

  10. James Rose said…
    sorry comrade idiot but I hardly think that supporting the BOE teaching math with sock puppets is patriotic…

    To Mr. Rose,

    I am sorry for you comrade, it’s apparent you suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. Please try to stick to the topic being discussed. Maybe if you had an adult help you could put together a reasonable cogent thought. Give it a try sometime.

    Anonymous said…
    so idiot does what you say about PJ go for all the bums on the BOE ?
    where were they

    To Anonymous,

    I can tell that you were not at the Memorial Services just by your comment. The Board of Education was represented. Nice try though.

    village beach bum said…
    I go to the beach not the mall

    To Mr. Beach Bum,
    Are you really proud of that? I guess so…..and they call me the Idiot….Go figure?

  11. so idiot let me get this right you do everything you can to destroy this country but because you go to a momorial day shin dig your a big patriot and no one else is….oh brother …

    sorry how or what I do for my country is none of your business …

  12. Mr. Rufus T Firefly,

    OK You made the statement now defend it! Name two things that I have personally done to distroy this country!

    I would venture to say the charge you make refers to you more than me.

    Your friendly Village Idiot

  13. it is very interesting that the BOE and schools make a big deal over something like “gay day” but not a big deal over those who scarified there lives to give the idle few time to ponder such trivialities…

    so come on lets get real people

  14. if you dont no where he was ,how do you know what he was doing or not doing..

    as for me Kate Smith was a very fine tribute …

  15. yes what was wrong with kate smith ?

    I love that video ….

  16. yes I liked the kate smith thing it was obvious in its intent…

  17. Kate smith rocks it was very subtle and fitting …these fakers just don’t get it…

  18. kate smith can sing for me anytime

  19. you dont know me and you have no clue weather I was there or not ….and it not your business either way …

    BTW PJ I love the kate smith thing I cant believe some of you dont get it…

  20. ‘Simply stated, it shows that most people really don’t appreciate or care about the sacrifice” …there you go again all you libs always thinking for other people …there are over 1000000 possible variables as to when, why and how someone choses to shop or go to the beach, frankly I think most non libs do appreciate there freedoms, but they just don’t want to share with any of the phony local officials who are only interested in themselves. One look at the lame turn out for the last municipal election and that tells the whole story, it is not that people don’t care about the sacrifices made for there freedoms, its that they don’t care for there local politicians and don’t want to ruin there holiday being near the very people that continue to work to limit their freedoms

  21. idiot I think your jealous

  22. Kate Smith is dead.

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