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  1. My dog will not be happy…

  2. Speaking of the water restrictions… How come every year Ridgewood is one of the first towns to implement water restrictions? I know we have our own wells and water supply! Are we really selling that much to our surounding neighbors that I have to let my lawn suffer because we need to supply the county with water?

    I don’t know where to find more information about this, can someone help point me in any direction. I am assuming the Village Water Department may be a good place to start – But after hearing about how they treat drivers, I would hate to see how they would treat a resident with a question about of all things – water.

  3. o, stop your crying.

  4. o, stop your crying you all.

  5. Why do you want us to stop complaining? – you goint to beat us up because you’re not getting your way?

  6. what the hell are you talking about any way.just tell me whats your problem and may be i can help you .thank you.what are you complaining about .and hoo,s way.

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