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Ridgewood as an International Banking Center ….

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With another bank moving into town (HSBC), the down town is starting to look more and more like an international banking center. Some blog readers have mentioned that the down town is beginning to look more like a town in say Switzerland than in New Jersey It appears that the Global economy is beginning to form a beach head in our Village. Lets face it local ma and pap retail has been in the decline since the first mall was built in the 1960’s and perhaps its time to start to look at our Village and down town in a more 21st century way instead of pining a way because of the demise of a local office supply store. Unlike some I really don’t have a problem with a lot of banks being in down town Ridgewood after all it brings a lot of well dressed people into town and provides a steady crowd to keep the restaurants full during lunch time. Yes I agree the parking is very difficult, but it has been difficult as long as I can remember and that goes back over 40 years .Contrary to popular belief I see no evidence that banks have made the parking any better or worse. Perhaps its is time we need to seize the initiative and promote our Village as a picturesque banking and finance center. What do you think?

The Body Shop


Ridgewood High School Receives "Early Warning" Status From NJ State Department of Education

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Nearly one-quarter of New Jersey’s public and charter schools are “in need of improvement” after failing to meet federal targets on reading and math tests this past spring, state Education Department officials said Tuesday. Ridgewood High is one of 35 schools in Bergen County that was given “early warning” status, meaning it will be placed on the “improvement” list if it fails to measure up next year.

24 percent of New Jersey schools are “in need of improvement” under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, up from 23 percent last year. The label is based on statewide math and reading test scores. Students in Grades 3-8 and 11 are tested every year. Test results are analyzed by subgroup, based on students’ race, economic status and whether test takers are English-language learners or receive special education services. Traditionally, many schools have fallen short when a single subgroup missed the target.

A school’s target passing rates depend on the subject and grade level. In reading, it’s 75 percent of elementary students, 66 percent in middle school and 79 percent in high school. In math, the passing rate is 62 percent of elementary students, 49 percent in middle school and 64 percent in high school. The target rates increase every few years.

The law, which is up for reauthorization by Congress next year, states that 100 percent of students must pass the tests by 2014. That goal is controversial, with some educators arguing it is unrealistic for special-needs students or students who have not mastered English

Titus Resignation Now Official

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Sharper ImageOn Monday, August 21, Ridgewood Board of Education members formally accepted the resignation of Interim Schools Superintendent C. Russell Titus. Mr. Titus began his interim assignment on July 3, 2006, and will leave the District no later than September 28, 2006. In announcing the resignation during Monday night’s public meeting, BOE President Mark Bombace offered no reason for Mr. Titus’ rather hasty departure.

BOE members Shelia Brogan, Linda Gilman, and Joseph Vallerini publicly thanked Mr. Titus for his service to the District during the difficult period that followed Dr. John Porter’s resignation. Neither Mr. Bombace nor Mr. Hutton (the BOE’s President and Vice President, respectively) offered their personal thanks. Duh? Perhaps this would explain why Mr. Titus left in a hurry? Rumor has it that Dr. Porter’s people skills were lacking; maybe Mr. Bombace and Mr. Hutton are afflicted with the same “illness?

Back to Basics: Part One Getting it together

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Ok so the last couple of years have had a lot of ups and downs and now you’re looking for ways to get your financial house in order.First it is important to understand that you’re not going to fix something in a week that you have gotten your self into over years. Once you except that this is a process that’s like going to the gym and is going to take regular effort on your part.

First its important to know where you are so take an inventory of all your Assets and Liabilities another words figure out what you owe (bills and debts) and what you own (property ,stocks ,bonds and so on) .It is very important to figure out exactly what you owe and what your monthly payments are . Next you need to figure out a budget, a real budget .Not an “about” budget. If you have not set up an emergency fund of at least $1000 you need to get this set up and tosses in savings ASAP. Most people need anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months of money to pay bills in reserve (savings accounts) .

Most of you need to start out by paying off all your credit cards and miscellaneous debt ,paying off your smallest debt to your largest .Once you pay down one you take all the money your using to pay down that debt and add it to the next creating a snow ball effect. While you’re doing this if it available you should be maximizing out your 401K options many companies offer matching contributions, this is a painless way to increase your savings. For most people it takes any were from 18 months to 2 years to make this happen.

Too be continued……

James Foytlin
Investment Representative to the Stars

Events around the Village ….

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Ridgewood Fall Art & Craft Street Festival Dates: 09/17 http://www.CraftLister.com/events/details.php?EventNumber=1017348

The 13th Annual Fall Car Show sponsored by the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce will take place on Friday September 8th from 6 – 9 pm

$7 Million Referendum to expand Ridge and Willard – The Ridgewood BOE has tentatively approved the development of a proposal to expand the Ridge and Willard schools if funding is authorized by a referendum in either September or December of 2006

Ridgewood to Start Revaluation The Village of Ridgewood has recently been ordered by the Bergen County Board of Taxation to perform a revaluation for the year 2008.

Contrary to information contained in a recent Ridgewood News front page…..

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… the NJDEP permitted level of chlorine currently being used at
Graydon Pool, .1 ppm, will not control bacteria. That is, the amount of
chlorine permitted by law in natural bottom swimming ponds will not
disinfect contaminated water.

Chlorine concentrations in the .1 ppm range will only control algae.
Typically, levels of 1 ppm to 4 ppm are necessary for disinfection purposes.
At Graydon, one-tenth of the amount necessary for disinfection purposes is
routinely being deployed (in accordance with established regulations).
So the nagging question remains, do you think the water at Graydon is safe
for swimming? Has the time come to shut down Graydon and build an all
season cement bottom pool?

The fly on the wall has learned that….

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Russ Titus has resigned as Interim Superintendent (leaving in September)? So, now we’re out scouting for an Interim Superintendent AND a Superintendent to eventually replace that Interim Superintendent. Also, heard a rumor that Brian Bolger (Ridgewood Schools Director of Human Resources) is looking elsewhere for a job … that means that we are out looking to replace the two top positions in our school district..yikes!

The fly on the wall has learned……

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that a former Village employee dismissed for barrowing equipment and not returning is now suing the Village to get his old job back in order to gain greater retirement benefits.

Lawmaker targets school activity fees

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Lawmaker targets school activity fees
Courier-Post 8/15/06
A bill introduced by Rep. John Burzichelli, D-Paulsboro, would prohibit school districts from charging students an extra fee to participate in sports and other after-school activities.
Four school districts collect or plan to collect a fee: Haddonfield, Ridgewood in Bergen County, and East Brunswick and Washington Township in Mercer County, Burzichelli said.
The Haddonfield School District charges a flat-rate activity fee of $100.
School districts should try to find ways to eliminate wasteful spending before considering the assessment of participation fees, Burzichelli said.His bill was referred to the Assembly Education Committee.Published: August 15. 2006 3:10AM

Readers Speak out…

We are a very high tax Village and County. Yet, sadly, we find ourselves in the company of only 3 other districts that could not restrain themselves from adding just another school “tax.” One wonders how districts like Glen Rock, Midland Park, Allendale, et al manage NOT to do this. Perhaps they are adept at management and leadership, skills we are still learning. I know how tempting and easy it must be to just keep sticking it to the silent majority, while continuing to view us as the pliable public. BTW, what specifically are Ridgewood’s fees for and how much do they total? Thank you,Frances

Just a reminder…..

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$7 Million Referendum to expand Ridge and Willard – The Ridgewood BOE has tentatively approved the development of a proposal to expand the Ridge and Willard schools if funding is authorized by a referendum in either September or December of 2006

Ridgewood to Start Revaluation The Village of Ridgewood has recently been ordered by the Bergen County Board of Taxation to perform a revaluation for the year 2008.