Highlights: Village Council Special Public Meeting, Joint Session with Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and Historic Preservation Commissi

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The recently defeated “no downtown financial institutions” ordinance will reappear in revised form and expanded to encompass “limited downtown non-retail use.” That is, the Village Council will seek to discourage any use downtown except traditional retail.

Street lighting in the central business district will soon be upgraded through a phased plan. Plans call for replacement of all light poles, globes, and bulbs. The Historic Preservation Commission has asked that poles in a two block area surrounding the train station not be replaced. Duh? Isn’t that where street lighting is needed the most due to higher pedestrian traffic headed to and from the station?

Future commercial development in the Route 17 corridor will be encouraged. It is believed that although this area is now zoned residential, there is minimal interest in building residences right on the highway.

It was suggested that a comprehensive plan be developed to change permitted land uses along Franklin Avenue between Maple Avenue and North Broad Street. This would be done to promote more pedestrian traffic along the street.

It was agreed that steps need to be taken to control the unlawful sprawl of sidewalk cafes in the central business district. Cited were seats placed in excess of permitted numbers, the unlawful placement of furniture, and non-permitted signage.

There was much discussion regarding the Zoning Board of Adjustment’s routine granting of variances permitting residence sizes in excess of ordinance limits. Village Council members were clearly upset by this trend.

  1. you must be joking with this “limited downtown non-retail use.” …wake up folks get in the 20th century then try the 21st,this is such an out dated notion and I am getting very suspicious about way they keep bringing it up IT REALLY MAKES THE VILLAGE COUNCIL LOOK LIKE IT IS UP TO SOMETHING

  2. FYI; Mayor Pfund seems to be the person agressively promoting this ordinance. Councilman Harlow, for one, voiced his strong objections to such plan. The nagging question reamins, why the heck is Dave Pfund so intent on stepping back in time to the days when there were nothing but mom & pop shops in the CBD? Just nostalgic, or is someone pulling his strings for economic reasons? Certainly anyone with half a brain knows that everyone goes to the mall when they want to shop seriously.

  3. something really stinks about this whole thing … I dont trust the Village council one bit

  4. Pfund is clearly after something ,what it is I cant imagine

  5. I think we need more bars and churches in town

  6. all I want to know is ,is there still a water emergency?

  7. The water restictions won’t end until 9/30.

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