BOE Spins Failure

In Uncategorized on August 29, 2006 at 4:42 pm

So here’s what Jumpin’ Jane Reilly wrote about Ridgewood High School being placed on the NCLB Early Warning List (as posted last night on the official Ridgewood BOE web site):

District Passes All 40 of 40 NCLB Criteria for ā€™05-06 The Ridgewood School District met or exceeded the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) on 40 of 40 criteria established by the federal legislation No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The outcome is based on the results of New Jersey state tests administered during the 2005-2006 school year. Under NCLB, all students in grades 3-8 and in one grade in high school must be tested once a year in reading and mathematics. All students are expected to score at the “proficient” level or above on state-administered tests by 2014. Until then, students are expected to meet increasing benchmarks in proficiency. Subgroups of students, including low-income, black, Hispanic, special education students and English language learners, also must meet the same AYP standards on the same set of tests. If they do not, the entire school is deemed to have failed. Because the 11th grade special education students did not meet AYP in the 2004-2005 language arts test, Ridgewood High School was given an early warning status. RHS needs two consecutive years of meeting all criteria to be removed from the early warning list.

Wow! Great spin Jane! Unfortunately, most taxpayers can easily discern the difference between propaganda and factual information. Nice try, but we’re not buying the bridge this time.

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  1. They get away with anawfull lot of crap because the schools”were supose to be so good” Now we find out the school suck well I think it time for heads to roll

  2. So much money to steal… so little time…

  3. blame it on the “Subgroups of students, including low-income, black, Hispanic, special education students and English language learners” yep it those subgroups…

  4. I guess this lowering standards thing hasnt worked out..

  5. this is a violation of the public trust ,the BOE needs to take some responsibility and stop blaming “subgroup” .

  6. Nice to see that our 80 million is paying for such top notch administrators. I’ll bet the next scam is “we need to raise the school budget 25% to fix this problem.” Everyone hang on to your wallets because a tax tsunami is coming.

  7. Doesn’t this comes under the law of “No tax dollar left behind.”

  8. ah whats the price of failure huumm about $80 million ,I’d say

  9. The price of failure is more than 80 million. It’s 80 million per year. Plus 7 million this year for expanding schools that have shrinking student populations. And worst of all, some of the kids will not be able to succeed because our elected representatives, acting with the collective IQ of a kumquat, failed them.

  10. I think the BOE should be investigated by a grand jury ,the Board continues to show very poor judgement and lack of foresight

  11. Just think: A child takes twelve years to go through the public school system. And in that time, at these prices, with no increases, the board will have spent $960,000,000 or nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS. At these prices failure should not an option and excuses should not be accepted.

  12. One Billion! Damn, why rob banks when you can steal legally.

  13. Any one surprised by this has been living in a cave.

    “Thank God we don’t get all the government we pay for”
    –Will Rogers

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