Search Process For New Schools Superintendent

In Uncategorized on August 24, 2006 at 8:32 pm

The Ridgewood BOE intends to spend the entire 2006-2007 school year conducting a nationwide search for a new Schools Superintendent. At their August 21 public meeting, BOE members agreed to engage the services of an as yet to be named personnel search consultant. It was revealed that search consultant fees would probably exceed $20K, not including newspaper advertising expenses.

Questions: 1) How does the BOE know ahead of time that it’s going to take a full year to find someone? 2) Is there any documented correlation between the duration of a personnel search and the quality of the chosen candidate; i.e., if they search for a year, does that mean we get the best possible superintendent? 3) Also, isn’t there anyone in house who could handle the job? 4) Why shell out $20K+ in consultant’s fees, search over hill and dale, and pay relocation expenses if an excellent candidate is right under your nose?

The Ridgewood Public Schools System is a $76 million business. No private corporation in their right mind would allow a CEO position to remain vacant for a full year. Why in the world are Mr. Bombace and his merry crew dragging this search process out?

  1. It should not take a full year to shred the documentary evidence of misappropriated funds, should it?

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